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Australian Tax Resident for Tax Purposes

Am I an Australian tax resident? Introduction Determining your Australian tax residency position is important. In general, an Australian tax resident is subject to Australian income […]

International Tax: Central Management and Control Test (CMAC) and Australian Tax Residency of a Company

When is a company a resident of Australia for tax purposes? There are three tests to determine if a company is a resident of Australia for […]

Falling Australian Dollar: Tax implications of transferring money to Australia

With the Australian dollar falling recently as a result of the Coronavirus, many Australian expats overseas are looking to transfer money back to Australia to take […]

Coronavirus and Australian Tax Residency- Australian Expats

Are you an Australian expat who is stuck in Australia temporarily or relocating temporarily to Australia due to Coronavirus? The good news is that the ATO […]

Current Tax Issues for Australian Expats

The article below outlines some of the current tax issues faced by Australian expats from my experiencing in dealing with my clients over the past 6 […]

Are you an Australian looking to buy UK property? Here are 5 tax considerations

The UK property market remains attractive for foreign investors as a result of subdued property prices caused by Brexit and the weak pound. This is particularly […]

Tax Issues for Australian Expats moving to the United States

When relocating to the United States to live or for work, there are numerous US and Australian tax issues that should be considered in advance of […]

UK Inheritance Tax: Considerations for UK and Australian Expats

UK Inheritance Tax If you are an Australian that owns UK assets, or if you have a UK domicile and move to Australia, it is important […]
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