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Australian Expat Tax and International Tax Specialists. We provide expat tax advice and international tax advice to Australian and international clients. We also specialise in Australian and UK expat tax advice and Australian and US expat tax advice.

We are also tax lawyers and can provide tax legal advice and tax legal opinions.

Our Services

International Tax

  • Strategic and integrated international tax advice
  • Australians relocating overseas
  • Australians returning back to Australia
  • International Expats moving to Australia
  • Australian businesses expanding overseas
  • Foreign companies moving to Australia
  • Personal and business tax returns
Tax Residency

  • Confirmation of Australian tax residency position
  • This is a complex area of the law and subject to scrutiny by the ATO
  • To determine whether you are an Australian or foreign resident, and therefore liable for Australian tax, you should seek legal confirmation of your residency status
ATO Audits and Objections

  • Making a Voluntary Disclosure
  • ATO Objections
  • ATO Amendments
  • ATO Debts
  • Attending ATO Meetings
  • ATO Private Rulings
Tax Structuring

  • We can assist in respect of tax structuring and tax planning for you and your business
Estate Planning and Asset Protection

  • We can assist with your estate planning and business succession requirements to ensure it is structured in the most tax efficient manner
Start-up and Employee Share Plans

  • We can assist in relation to structuring your company's employee share plan and also ensure that as an employee you qualify for the employee share scheme concessions. We will structure the share plan in the most efficient tax manner.
  • We can ensure your employee share plan is designed so that it qualifies for the start-up employee share plan concessions. The benefit of the employee share plan start-up concession is that the tax is deferred to the time of the ultimate sale of the shares rather than at the time the shares are issued.
Mergers and Acquisitions

  • We can assist to ensure the transaction is structured in the most efficient manner from a tax perspective and also conduct due diligence reviews to assess the tax risk in respect of the transaction.
State Tax and Land Tax

  • We can assist in relation to stamp duty, land tax and payroll tax
UK Tax Advice

  • We can provide UK and Australia tax advice and tax returns, providing integrated UK and Australia tax advice and tax returns.
  • Bradley and Darren both have experience working in London advising Australian expats and companies in London in respect of their UK and Australian tax obligations.
US Tax Advice

  • We have experience in US tax law and US tax compliance obligations, in particular Australia and US tax advice and tax returns.
  • We can assist with the help from our US partner firm to ensure you receive the most practical advice and also Australia and US tax returns.
Income Tax Returns

  • We are able to assist with the preparation and review your Australian, UK and US tax returns through our partner firms in the UK and US
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