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US and Australian Tax Webinar-Retirement Planning for US/AU Citizens

We recently joined Apt Wealth Partners and John Versace CFP® to discuss the US and Australian tax and financial considerations for planning your retirement. In this […]

Section 99B and Foreign Trusts

What is Section 99B and what does it mean for Australian Expats? This article explores Section 99B, shedding light on its implications for Australian residents with […]

UK Pension to Australia Tax Considerations

UK Pension to Australia Tax Considerations  A common question we receive from our clients is are they able to transfer their UK Pension to an Australian […]

US Expats and the tax implications of withdrawing your US Retirement Plans (401k, IRA) in Australia

For US expats residing in Australia, it will be important to consider the Australian and US tax treatment of withdrawing your US Retirement Plan, including a […]

Are you a US Expat with an Australian Property?

US Expat Tax Australian Property While from an Australian tax perspective, generally a sale of your Australian main residence will be exempt from an Australian tax. […]

New Bali Digital Nomad Visa- Tax Considerations

In exciting news for remote workers, The Indonesian Government has announced that it is finalising plans for a new Digital Nomad Visa, which may allow expats […]

Employee Share Scheme (ESS) Taxing Point on Ceasing Employment Removed

Employee Share Scheme (ESS) Taxing Point on Ceasing Employment Removed Employee Share Schemes (ESS) have long been a popular tool used by companies to attract and […]

Update: Covid-19 and Tax Residency

Update: Covid-19 and Tax Residency The ATO has recently updated its guidance in relation to Australian tax residency and Covid-19. The ATO’s latest guidance in relation […]

Proposed New Tax Residency Rules – Federal Budget

Proposed New Tax Residency Rules – Federal Budget The key change for Australian expats announced in the 2021-2022 Federal Budget was the proposed changes to the […]

Foreign Resident Employers Australian Tax and Superannuation Obligations

Foreign Resident Employers Australian Tax As part of its Covid-19 response, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has recently provided guidance for foreign employers who have employees […]

HECS Reporting Obligations for Non-Residents

Please be aware that if you relocate overseas with a HECS debt and you are a non-resident of Australia, you will still have a HECS reporting […]

The Temporary Resident Tax Concession

Many expats first relocate to Australia on a temporary visa. The article below outlines some of the tax concessions that may be available to holders of […]

Australian Expats and Main Residence Capital Gains Tax Changes

A reminder to all Australian expat non-residents overseas that the retrospective and controversial changes to the Australian Capital Gains Tax (CGT) main residence exemption will impact […]

Capital Gains made by non-residents and the use of Australian Discretionary Trusts

Capital Gains Tax and Non-residents The Federal Court recently ruled in the case of Peter Greensill Family Co Pty Ltd (acting as a trustee) v FC […]

International Tax: Australian tax implications of ceasing to be an Australian tax resident

Australian Tax Implications of Ceasing to be an Australian Tax Resident At the time an Australian expat relocates overseas, there are important Capital Gains Tax implications […]